Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (AESMR) …..Prepared for You

Essential Safety Measures are the life & fire safety systems required in commercial, industrial & public buildings to ensure the safety of occupants in the event of a fire or emergency.

In Victoria, Part 12 of the latest Building Regulations 2006,  has aligned the Essential Safety Measures maintenance requirements with the maintenance provisions outlined in sections I1.1 to I1.13 of the Building Code of Australia.

All buildings built after 1 July 1994 and subject to an Occupancy Permit must have an Annual Essential Safety Measures  Report (AESMR) prepared each year. 

For buildings built before 1 July 1994, essential safety measures and systems are still present and they are to be maintained. From 14th June 2009, Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports must also be prepared for these older buildings. The owners in most cases will need to engage the services of a competent specialist to identify the Essential Safety Measures present and to create a maintenance schedule to ensure the safety measures will be inspected and maintained to an acceptable standard. The  acceptable standard that should be considered should be the latest maintenance standard AS1851-2005 unless the owner can justify why some other standard can be used.   

Statcom Systems is a leader in this field & provides complete practical essential safety measures solutions. We offer a professional & highly developed range of services and products to assist with the compliance of essential safety measures, essential services and fire safety, including the preparation of the Annual Essential Safety Measures Report. Statcom Systems has offices in Melbourne, East Gippsland and Sydney. In other States, Statcom Systems is supported by Building Surveyors and Leading Fire Services Companies.


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